Everything You Need To Know About Our Single Serve Cups!

Everything You Need To Know About Our Single Serve Cups!

Are you new to the single serve cup game? Do you think that switching to single serve is the right option for you? Good news! You are in the right place to learn all about our single serve cups and why our cups make a notably better tasting cup of coffee. 

As you may be aware, single serve cups come in a variety of different options and flavors. That being said, you can also choose how many ounces of coffee you can brew. Many single serve cup machines come with several volume choices. Six, eight, and ten ounces are the options that seem to be the most widely available. Different volume amounts affect the taste of the coffee. Traditionally, a six ounce cup is the standard size in which coffee is measured. Most people believe it to be eight but that is incorrect. We recommend choosing the six ounce setting for single serve brewers for the best tasting coffee. Remember, the lower the volume of water the stronger and more full-bodied your cup will be. Each of our single serve cups has 10 grams of our coffee inside of it. No more, no less. Our filters are made of an extremely porous material  that allows the natural coffee oils to pass through into the cup of coffee. We also use  a finer grind of coffee but not as fine as our espresso. This extracts the most flavor from the expedited brewing cycle. Our Day to Day brand offers a variety of options when buying single serve cups. Currently, we have 12 count boxes available on our website (www.daytodaycoffee.com) and 80, 120, and 200 counts available on our Amazon store page

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