Study Shows Coffee Can Extend Your Life

Study Shows Coffee Can Extend Your Life

For years science has been trying to uncover the secrets behind longevity and the feeling of being young. Even centuries before science was properly established, many people searched for the Fountain of Youth. This mythical fountain foretold that whoever bathed or drank its waters would be cured of any sickness and reverse the ageing process. Sounds like a tall tale right? Well for many explorers it was a legend that encompassed the minds of conquistadors, like Ponce De León, who were explorers of the Spanish Empire set out to discover new lands. The Fountain itself could be the answer that many of us need to look and stay young. If only the legend were true, people would come from all over the world to bathe in its waters. Over the years the Fountain of Youth eventually became a myth that held hope for those seeking to be young and healthy. Nobody knows if it existed or not but what we do know is that it has held up in modern storytelling and films such as the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It has always been an elusive myth that transcends time. 

Modern medicine has taken cues from the supposed effects of the youth-giving fountain. It could hold the answer to longevity but for now studies point in another direction; to a product that is consumed by hundreds of millions of people each day. Coffee is a substance that could be the answer to extending one's life. According to a recent study, coffee contains 1,000 biological compounds that have an effect on the human body. These compounds include folic acid and potassium which are known to have an influence on the human body such as producing new cells, chemical reactions, treating high blood pressure, and nerve signal transmission. This study lasted over a span of over ten years and collected data on 500,000 people. Researchers found that out of the 500,000 people sampled, 14,000 perished and the ones that drank the most coffee were less likely to die during the ten years that followed the study. Although the researchers stressed that this study found an association with coffee and longevity. It doesn't necessarily mean coffee leads to a longer life. 

With coffee being one of the most popular beverages in the whole world it is a relief to know that coffee will not aid in your demise but instead boost liver health and help prevent cancer. Coffee drinkers were also found to have a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, respiratory and kidney disease. Obviously this study does not account for the extras people will put in their coffee such as sugar and milk, but it is clear that these extras may not provide the same health benefits as coffee would in this particular study. By keeping up with exercise and eating the right foods, coffee can play an integral role in keeping an individual healthy and fit. 

While we may not have a Fountain of Youth, we have plenty of ways of staying healthy. Fruits and vegetables, exercise, adequate sleep, as well as consuming a cup or two of Day-to-Day coffee in your diet is a great way to increase your lifespan and contribute to a viable way of life. 

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