5 Reasons You Should be Drinking Coffee at Home

5 Reasons You Should be Drinking Coffee at Home


D2D convenience: An argument for Coffee at Home


I could wait in line to get my fresh cup of joe made at the leading high end coffee guru’s, but I choose to use a Day-to-Day single-serve cup. Being able to wake up, roll out of bed, pop a cup in my Keurig is what everyone should be doing and here’s why.

  1. No Drive Through Pile Ups 

Long gone are the days of drive thru pile ups. There’s nothing worse than already being late for work but needing your coffee, only to find 7 cars ahead of you in the same boat. When you make your coffee at home, you take the stress out of your morning routine and make that morning meeting on time while enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee for the entirety of your commute.


     2. No More Endless Cafe Lines 

Along with drive thrus, cafe lines can be equally as hectic if you live in a crowded city or get your coffee from a local shop in town. Either way you are racing against time to get to where you are going in a timely fashion. Not to mention some shops can be noisy when they are crowded and what's worse than having a specific order but the cashier mishears you and gets it wrong which leads me to the next point…


     3. Your Coffee is always made right

When you have the opportunity to brew a cup of coffee at home you have the pleasure of making it however you desire. Whether you’re adding cream, sugar, milk, cane syrup, caramel, or hazelnut shavings. You can always have your coffee your way when you brew at home. You can spare yourself the disappointment if they don't get it right by skipping going to the shop and making it at home.   


     4. Saves Your Hard Earned Money

Day-to-Day cups give you the same amount of coffee for a fraction of the cost that you would pay for a cup of coffee at a leading competitor. For a 12 count box of single serve cups, it will cost you around 5 dollars after taxes which is 42 cents per cup of coffee. If you decide to buy a cup of coffee at a leading competitor you could end up spending approximately 2 dollars and 50 cents per cup. If you buy one everyday for 30 days you would be spending around 75 dollars versus if you spent 15 dollars on 3 boxes of 12 count single serve cups which will be enough to last you 36 days if you have one single serve cup a day. You tell me which one you would rather spend your hard earned money on.


     5. Drink Quality Coffee from a Brand you Can Trust

From its inception, Day-to-Day coffee is crafted with you in mind and its premium taste is present in every cup and accessible at a great value that you can’t get from value coffee equivalents. Our roastery is dedicated to providing a fresh, bold taste, all at a value you can’t beat.

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