How Flavored Coffee is Best Enjoyed

How Flavored Coffee is Best Enjoyed

We know what you're thinking... How can there be a certain way to enjoy flavored coffee?

Think about vanilla extract. It smells incredible, but if you were to taste is straight, it's has a hallow, empty flavor. Now add it to whiped cream with sugar and the classic vanilla flavor you love is brought to life.

Our flavored coffee is similar to this. While it's certainly drinkable black, flavored coffee is best when given a vihicle - like cream and sugar. The flavor itself doesn't contain sugar (like vanilla extract) and needs sweetness to bring out it's full flavor.

When the Day to Day Coffee Team creates flavors in house, we always blend and sample with cream and sugar added. It's the only way that we can truly taste the flavor to it's fullest. 

What you add to your flavored coffee to bring out the flavor is totally customizable based on preference and dietary needs. Here's a few of our favorite pairings to get you started:

Flavor: Jamaican Me Crazy®

Add: Coconut Cream & Agave Nectar

Adding coconut cream is the perfect compliment to this tropical coffee. Agave Nectar is an awesome alternative to refined sugar and since it comes in liquid form, it easily dissolves into hot & iced coffee. The first sip will transport you the beach.

Flavor: Cinnamon Bun

Add: Cream & Brown Sugar

This is one of our favorite flavors that we make. It tastes just like fresh baked sweet bread and cinnamon will remind you of weekend mornings well spent with family. Adding brown sugar brings the cinnamon flavor forward making it just like the gooey cinnamon brown sugar mix between layers. 

Flavor: Maple Bacon

Add: Cream & Maple Syrup

A lot of customers question this flavor, but time and again, it's sweet and slightly smoky flavor wins them over. We love to pair our Maple Bacon with real maple syrup and a little cream. It's like breakfast in a cup.

The bottom line: Whether you're using real sugar, a sweetener alternative, or non-dairy creamer, the simple act of adding a little cream and sweetness to your flavor coffee will make a world of difference in taste. 

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